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About Able Food Sdn Bhd
Able Food Sdn Bhd is a milk powder manufacturer and packer located at one of the most strategic location in Selangor, Malaysia. It is a subsidiary of Johore Tin Berhad, a listed company in Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, Malaysia.

We produce variety of milk powder for domestic market and export market which include Asean countries, Middle East, China and Africa. Our milk powder are customized to meet the needs of our buyer and consumer from different age ranges. We are specialized in infant formula, growing up formula, and adult milk powder which also include the fat filled and full cream milk powder.

Our products are manufactured in a secure, safe, hygienic, and stringent controlled environment. Our employees are equiply trained with good hygiene practice and job knowledge. This to ensure a consistency of product quality throughout the whole process. We are accredited with the external food processing certification for ISO and HACCP management system.

We provide variety of packaging options including tins, soft packs and bulks. With years of experience in the field of milk powder manufacturing, we believe that consistent quality milk powder is the key to continuous success.

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