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Why Packing Milk Powder in Malaysia
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Reasons to Pack Milk Powder in Malaysia
Reputable Food Packaging Country

Malaysia is a country in Asia that enjoy good reputation for food industry. Malaysia is well known for its commitment to strict controlled and high standards required which related to the whole chain of food processing.

Malaysia's government bodies such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of International Trade Industry Malaysia (MITI), Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), Veterinary Department of Malaysia, JAKIM and SIRIM been collaborate closely and implemented standards that improve the whole chain of food processing that include the food safety and food security. With this assurance, Malaysia's food product is now been recognized and marketed internationally.

The freedom and accessibility of the expertise in various profession and the international accredited certification bodies have been contribute the confidence of Malaysia's product to the market.
Strategically Located Amid Important Shipping Routes

Malaysia strategically located in a dynamic economic region and major shipping routes. Located at a key trade waterway connecting East and West trade encourage the extensive connectivity with major shipping lines, global Halal market, and growing transhipment trade in the region. Due to its outstanding location, favourable weather, excellent trade facilities, cost effectiveness of operation, committed workforce and availability of land, Malaysia has become one of the market leader as international hub especially for Halal products.
Ethical Workers

Malaysia stocked with relatively young, skilled, hardworking, mostly English-speaking, and relatively economical workforce. Workers are being trained to practice good work ethics, work with objective and KPI driven, trustworthy, focusing on work excellent.
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